San Leandro Talk has MOVED!

The San Leandro Talk blog has moved to

It is now hosted on my own server, so you should not have to see any ads.

Hopefully, this will also means I’ll be able to add more functionality to the blog.

I haven’t figured out how to directly re-direct the blog postings to the new blog, but I have, HOPEFULLY disabled comments here.  Please visit the new blog to leave your comments.

If you experience any problems or difficulties, please e-mail me at


Welcome to San Leandro Talk!

San Leandro Talk is a new blog for sharing news and information about what’s going on in the city of San Leandro, California  as well as matters that concern San Leandro residents as a whole.  It’s a place where we can have serious and adult conversations while building community.  I (Marga, more about me below) am starting this place because I think there is a real need for a place where San Leandro citizens can virtually meet to learn what’s going on in town and discuss the future of this town, and because the existing media shows little inclination to dig below the surface of what’s happening in town.  I am starting this blog myself, but I’m hoping other San Leandro residents will join me in leading the conversation.

The rules for this blog are pretty simple. I expect everyone to treat everyone else with respect, but I define that broadly. If you’re easily offended by people’s language or opinions, this is not the place for you. Your first comment to the blog will be moderated, subsequent comments will not. Please don’t post anonymously unless you are in a situation where your comments would jeopardize your job (e.g. you are a school or city employee talking about those entities).

As for me, I’m in my 40’s, I’m married to Mike Katz-Lacabe (editor of San Leandro Bytes and member of the SL School Board) and we have two little girls that attend Roosevelt Elementary.  I have lived in San Leandro for 11 years. My personal website is at  I was a founding member of the San Leandro Community Action Network, I’m currently a member of the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee ad I have worked on several campaigns for local office. I’m quite liberal 🙂