San Leandro cop arrested for selling pot

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2 Comments on “San Leandro cop arrested for selling pot”

  1. Rambo says:

    Friends, Romans, and San Leandrans,

    I know I spewed ALLOT of venom in my last posts, but, HEY I WAS PISSED! What can I say? I couldn’t help but notice many of my posts are missing, what’s the matter did I make you cry?
    What I would like to say is that I have been in contact with the GOOD PEOPLE of the SLPD in the Internal Affairs Division (Hey I couldn’t resist, I was on a roll) and have had an entirely different experience that I would like to let everyone know about. I found the personnel working there to be compasionate and of an extremely high caliber.
    I don’t want everyone to think I’m a cop basher or anything like that. I myself have experience in law enforcement within the military during the war on drugs and know there are bad apples in every bunch.
    It took alot of nerve to approach them after what happened but now I’m glad I did. Please, in the interest of justice, if anyone out there has had a similar experience to mine and feels helpless, I’ll tell you there is help. Just ask like I did. It’s probably better than rantin like a lunatic anyway.

    de oppresso libre

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