New Poll: Should the City Manager live in San Leandro?

The city of San Leandro will be hiring a new City Manager shortly.  They’ve published a questionnaire online, asking  San Leandro residents vague questions about what they want in a City Manager. No word as to what they will do with the information.  One question that I think is particularly important is that of where the city manager should live.  By law, the City cannot impose a residency requirement on the City Manager – but it can hire someone who lives in San Leandro or shows a strong inclination to move here.  But should we care?

One Comment on “New Poll: Should the City Manager live in San Leandro?”

  1. Craig Williams says:

    Maybe the person should be required to buy Cassidy’s house? Many would argue that you would be narrowing the field of exceptional candidates for the job. Maybe on the big Kaiser project we could do a campaign of San Leandro jobs for San Leandro people. They’ll be hiring 2000 people for that project.

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