A look at San Leandro’s City Attorney: Time to fire Meyers Nave?

San Leandro Talk has moved. You can now find this post here: http://sanleandrotalk.voxpublica.org/2011/04/16/a-look-at-san-leandros-city-attorney-time-to-fire-meyes-nave/

7 Comments on “A look at San Leandro’s City Attorney: Time to fire Meyers Nave?”

  1. A little more digging shows that, so far, San Leandro has been relatively lucky. Following Meyers Nave advise, the city of Half Moon Bay a few years ago prevented a property owner from developing her property. The owner sued, and eventually got a judgement of over $36 MILLION. Half Moon Bay got rid of Meyers Nave, but it was too late for them. It’s not for us.

  2. Morgan Mack-Rose says:

    So Marga, do you know what that city pays for William’s basic services (you know, even just being present at every council meeting)? How much would a full time atty cost?

    • I do not. We’re waiting for the City to send us the numbers. For some reason they’re being slow in responding to that request.

      • Morgan Mack-Rose says:

        I wish school districts could share a full time atty…It would probably be more cost effective than hourly contracts. I think our superintendent brought that up at a county meeting of superintendents but no one seemed interested. The lack of coordinated services offered through the County Office of Education is really disheartening.

        • I agree!

          BTW, I found what seems to be the last agreement between the City and Meyers Nave. I updated the article with the link & summary. Basically, we pay her $30K a month to do the basics. Whether she actually does them is questionable.

  3. fran says:

    For a quick comparison, in 2009, Alameda, with a staff of 13, paid $1,135,119, and Hayward, with a staff of 10 paid $1,011,521, for their Legal Departments.

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